R. Reese Fuller

Gustav's price tag: $384 million

by R. Reese Fuller

As expected, the state's cost for Hurricane Gustav continus to rise. Commissioner of Administration Angele Davis estimates Louisiana's expenditures at $383.9 million. The state is seeking 100 percent federal cost share for all the categories of FEMA assistance. Here's how that price tag breaks down:
Evacuation transportation: $21 million
Emergency communications: $400 K
Road and bridge repair: $36 million
Traffic signal and sign repair: $5 million
Ferries and ferry landings: $5 million
Debris removal: $50 million
Firefighting: $300 K
Emergency management: $300 K
Shelters: $6.3 million
Veterans care: $800 K
Generators: $11.9 million
Public health and medical services: $17.9 million
Search and rescue: $700 K
Agriculture (fuel): $5.1 million
Public safety and security: $18.7 million
Levee protection: $1.5 million
Satellite phones: $224 K
MREs: $19.7 million
Animal carriers and supplies: $713 K
Water: $2.1 million
Ice: $5.3 million
Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC): $50.1 million
Military support: $7.5 million
Disaster food stamps: $19.4 million
Also, estimates for the cost of damage to state facilities in 35 parishes, is $100.4 million.

A preliminary price tag for Hurricane Ike is expected to be released later this week.