Leslie Turk

More changes in UL administration

by Leslie Turk

Though he was passed over for the top job, UL Lafayette Vice President of Academic Affairs Steve Landry is staying put and will be elevated in salary and responsibility at the university, The Advocate reported today. UL President T-Joe Savoie has named Landry to the newly created position of provost, in essence the university's senior vice president.

Landry will be in charge of vice presidents, senior administrators, instruction, research and outreach activities. Savoie has proposed that Landry's salary be increased 28 percent to $225,000.

Since Savoie took office, at least three key figures have retired: Raymond Blanco in student affairs, Della Bonnette in information technology and John T. Landry in fund raising. Savoie also hired Jerry Luke LeBlanc as interim director of finance and business, a position Savoie's predecessor, Ray Authement, had allowed to remain vacant since Ovey Hargrave's retirement in January 1997. LeBlanc most recently was former Gov. Kathleen Blanco's commissioner of adminsitration.

Savoie told The Advocate that more senior administrative changes will come. National searches must be conducted for Blanco's replacement (Ed Pratt is filling the spot temporarily) and for a permanent vice president of finance.

(Update: Steve Landry's proposed salary was incorrectly reported in an earlier version of this item. The correct amount is reflected above.)