Nathan Stubbs

Boustany signs Pickens Pledge

by Nathan Stubbs

Congressman Charles Boustany has signed the T. Boone Pickens’ Energy Independence Pledge, according to a press release put out by Pickens’ organization this morning. A millionaire Texas oilman, Pickens recently launched a full-fledged national campaign to encourage Congress and the next President to pursue a comprehensive new energy strategy, dramatically expanding use of renewable wind energy and natural gas, to help free the country’s addiction to imported oil. The pledge states, “I join with T. Boone Pickens and his army of supporters in calling for an Energy Independence Plan to be enacted within the first 100 days of the new administration.” The pledge also identifies that the next President and the 111th Congress need to enact an energy plan that reduces our dependence on foreign oil by at least 30 percent within 10 years. State Sen. Don Cravins Jr., Boustany's Democratic challenger in the 7th Congressional District, says he also supports the intitiative. Pickens Plan spokesperson Sarah Hawkins says the organization is currently compiling its list of Congressional supporters, which should be posted soon to