Dege Legg

Sarah Borges & Broken Singles reschedule gig

by Dege Legg

Due to a mistake in booking on Thursday, Boston songwriter, Sarah Borges, and her band the Broken Singles, have rescheduled their show for tonight at the Blue Moon Saloon. They are currently making the rounds on a U.S. tour in support of her latest record, Diamonds in the Dark, a lean mean trek through the American roots rock machine.

Playing Favorites with Sarah Borges:

1. Favorite guilty pleasure? US Weekly and the Eagles.

2. Favorite food at 3 a.m.? Taco Bell … after you’ve had a few.

3. If Dick Cheney were a rock star, what instrument would he
play? Cheney wouldn’t play an instrument. He’d just hide behind the black curtain at the back of the stage, ordering everyone else to play ABBA covers, never once risking HIS reputation.

4. Favorite seat in the tour van? Way back seat — it’s like a living room because you’re all alone except for the large amount of gear over your head, threatening to crush you at any second.

5. If forced to read a self-help book, what would it be? Difficult Conversations by the Harvard Negotiation Team.