R. Reese Fuller

Esquire on Jindal

by R. Reese Fuller

In its October issue, Esquire marks its 75 anniversary with a cover story that takes "an epic look at the people and ideas shaping our world, including the 75 most influential people of the 21st century." Included in that list is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

In the nine-page in-depth profile, "Bobby Jindal, All American," Mike Sager details Jindal's Baton Rouge upbringing and his rise to become the first Indian-American governor in U.S. History.

Esquire's Editor-in-Chief David Granger writes:

In this issue, we name the 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century.

We're mostly wrong, of course. But you will read about people - some you know, many you don't - from all over the world and from every area of endeavor, who will take your breath away. People whose influence will extend beyond their own fields and their own geography. People who, because of the tools and technologies and ideas some of them are creating, have the potential to influence our lives personally in ways that few individuals have in history. It is in the interaction among people such as these - and in the tension between them and many others as their interests collide and intersect and overlap - that the new century is being created.