Mary Tutwiler

Fish and chips, mate, is what's for dinner

by Mary Tutwiler

Yearning for fish and chips but can’t pop over the Pond? Try a drive down by the riverside in Broussard. Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn is putting on “A Bit of a Do” on October 15. Fried fish, chips, mushy peas and trifle are on the menu, along with a Pimm’s Cup and a couple of bottles of beer. Proper fried fish, Brit style, is cod or haddock —sans the Cajun spice — and chips, in England, means fries. Mush up green peas into a creamy puree and you’ve got mushy peas. A trifle is a yummy dessert made of layers of cake, fresh fruit, whipped cream and sherry, that has been allowed to soak a bit, to let the flavors mingle and moisten the cake. The Riverside Inn has added a private banquet room, dubbed the “Little House.” It’s an intimate space, the fish and chips party is limited to 26 Anglophiles. Reservations and advance payment, $50 per person, are required. For more information, or to stake your place at the table, call Rhea Cormier at 330-2758.