Letters to the Editor


The decision by the city-parish council to introduce an ordinance to transfer funds from north side projects to the south side was appalling and offensive. That we are dealing with issues like this in 2005 is a sad commentary on this city. An easy argument can be made that there may be racial connotations behind some of the decisions. There shouldn't be a north side or south side Lafayette, but all one has to do is drive through both parts to see the disparity. One has to wonder if this is 2005 or 1905. Our money goes into the same pot, and everyone deserves an equitable share.

Mr. Bourgeois, you agreed with Mr. Conque that we need to approve projects that can be done today and that will serve the greater good of this community. I just can't fathom how widening Verot School Road will benefit all of Lafayette today, tomorrow or in the near future. It will not generate any revenue, as far as I'm concerned. The only good it will serve is that the people who use Verot to go to work will be able to sleep later in the morning. Instead, let's give the unemployed citizens of all of Lafayette a reason to wake up in the morning. Let's use the same passion and enthusiasm that we had to find money to widen Verot and redirect that fervor toward finding money to fund the Frontage Road project. This will have businesses lining up and taking a number to get the best spots that will create jobs. People with jobs spend money and that means revenue ' tax dollars. It's not rocket science. This is smart economic growth, and every successful city knows and does this.

Or is it that we're concerned that developing this Frontage Road will attract too many restaurants, shopping centers and hotels, which in turn could distract spending in south Lafayette? Nah, that couldn't be it. Or could it?

God bless this city. Peace.