Party Girl

Party Girl 10.15.2008

Desire and Crystal

Kayla Broussard, Amy Smith, Wendy Myers and Amanda Hargett

It was a Party Girl Night-on-the-Downtown a couple of weekends ago, an evening spent bar hopping to get a glimpse of actress Stacey Dash (sooooo good as Dionne in the award-winning 1995 comedy Clueless), who’d been making the rounds all over town (dining at Pamplona and working out at the City Club — anybody spot her?) while shooting Bullet Films’ latest sci-fi thriller. My new friends-on-the-scene, Alison Gordon and photographer Isabel LaSala, helped me out all weekend, but we couldn’t find any of the movie’s stars. We started at Tsunami and Lounge, where we ran into Tiffany Dugas who looked great in her floral mini from Bevo’s, made a stop at the Green Room and then headed to Karma for way more high energy — a scene straight out of a Kanye West video! With no Dash in sight, we decided to turn the night into our own fashion show, and we got some terrific shots — thanks in large part to Isabel’s excellent photography skills. OK, so I gotta admit to being a bit surprised that some of the men were dressed to the nines; at least two of them we spotted in separate groups — Mike Ernest and Chris Roy — were wearing lines from Moseley & Hollard in River Ranch. These are two good-looking guys who really know how to dress and were in no short supply of female company. Suzanne and Jesse (it was just too hectic to get everyone’s last names), however, stole the couples fashion show — he in his chapeau, white T-shirt and tie and Suzanne in her fashion-forward haltered maxi.

Beginning next week, I’ll launch a new “Trendspotting” section on these pages, hoping to keep Lafayette’s partying crowd on top of the latest in local fashion.

Party On! — PG

Chris Roy and Amy Hebert

Tiffany Dugas at Lounge

Jesse and Suzanne

Demanzo Skinner and Marisa Gonzales

Ashley Duran and Tim Landry