Letters to the Editor

Trahan's a good ol' boy

by R. Reese Fuller

Don Trahan’s resignation from the state Legislature for District 31, though welcome, is not unexpected (“The INDsider: Trahan resigns ... ” Sept. 30). It would seem as though Trahan cut numerous deals to be named chairman of the House Education Committee. He sponsored administration backed vouchers and legislation designed to undercut the  public school system in our state. Trahan won his first term by 13 votes and his second by 33. He has done nothing for his constituents of District 31, and that is evidenced by his razor thin wins. His arrogant, good-ol’-boy attitude and connections have finally paid off for him with a $110,000 position with the Louisiana Department of Education, a “new positon” created just for Trahan. This is a prime example of a public servant serving himself at the expense of the public.
(Editor’s Note: Stoshak is a legislative aide to state Rep. Rickey Hardy.)**