Finds 10.22.2008

Tacos San Luis is the kind of place you drive by every day without noticing. It’s also the kind of place that serves completely delicious homemade cooking. Scoop up a chicken fajita or spicy pork and pineapple taco for $1.75. Apart from the ten different meats such as shredded beef used to stuff in tacos, tortas, quesadillas, and burritos, Tacos San Luis serves authentic Mexican beverages like rice and cinnamon horchata, that can’t help but make you think that somehow you made it across the border. Then you look around and realize that you’re just on Jefferson Terrace in New Iberia. Call 364-8951 to pre-order, or hang out in your car in the drive-thru for a while; everything is made to order. — Angelle-Leigh Breaux

In the title cut of their latest CD, La Caroline, Les Frères Michot — brothers Rick and Tommy Michot — honor the memory of their little sister, Carolyn, who died at the age of 17 in an automobile accident. Rick learned the tune from Varise Conner and wrote the lyrics with his sister in mind. Along with Patrick Michot Jr., Les Frères Michot present 21 Cajun French numbers on La Caroline. Catch the family trio this Friday, Oct. 24, at noon in Parc Sans Souci in downtown Lafayette. For more information on La Caroline, visit, visit
R. Reese Fuller

Just when you thought everything injected with Cajun seasoning had been invented, along comes something new to add to the kick-it-up collection of kitchen spices. Crispy Pork Cajun Bake and Crispy Chicken Cajun Bake are ready to shake and bake (with a little help of course). Owner Buddy Peré ran B&L’s Smokehouse in Abbeville and built a reputation for his seasoning blend which he used to spike sausages, including deer, during hunting season. He’s out of the meat business now, but his company, Kickin’ Kajun, re-creates his specialty blend of spice, which comes in low-salt, no-salt, stirred into BBQ sauce, and now seasons his new Cajun Bake. With one-third less salt than most blends, the seasoning is heart-healthy as well. Cajun Bake runs about $3. Look for it at Fresh Pickins, and check out — Mary Tutwiler