Dege Legg

Scott H. Biram plays the Blue Moon Oct. 25

by Dege Legg

Bringing it on like Stonewall Jackson at a Luciferian cockfight, Scott H. Biram channels the true hell-raising spirit of rock & roll through the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Hasil Adkins, Hank Sr., Bluto Blutarsky, Iggy Pop, and Rasputin among others. He plays the devil’s music the way it was intended to be played — raw, ragged, ornery, loose, and heading straight for the wall. It is a maniacal hybrid pulled from the worm dirt of stomp blues, primeval country, punk rock, hillbilly clog, Appalachian death balladry, Foghorn Leghorn metaphysics, and good old American metal. And it is free from of the obsequious hokum and decoratively polite singer-songwriter fluff currently in vogue at Triple AAA radio.

This is Snake Juggling Church Music for lost souls damned to a lifetime of anti-aging plasticity, false-flag proselytizing politicians, win-at-any-cost corruption, and total brain dead infomercialilty. Barking into a bullet mic from an ancient era in the time machine of American music, Scott H. Biram brings it through the micro-to-macro pipetube and sticks it to you like a red-hot poker. Scott H. Biram aka “the dirty old one-man band” plays the Blue Moon Saloon on Saturday, October 25. Lafayette’s 6-String Rodeo opens the show.

Playing Favorites with Scott H. Biram
1. Worst tasting food eaten while on tour in Europe? Pigeon in France. I pulled back the skin and it was like Deviled Spam on the bone. The particleboard of meats. Nothing like a little winged rat for dinner.
2. Favorite Hasil Adkins song? Hard to pick. I like “We Got A Date” I think it’s called. It’s the psycho scary version of “No More Hot Dogs.”  Also, I’m a fan of his slower songs like “Missin’ You.”

3. Favorite inappropriate thing to do in church? Not show up. Last time I went, I hid out in the bathroom until the family band from Branson, MO was done.  I only stuck around at all out of respect for my grandmother who wanted me to come. I was just there for my grandpa’s catfish really.
4. If forced to act in a remake of Smokey & the Bandit, which character would you likely play? Jerry Reed aka The Snowman. Who else?
5. Most useful tool ever invented by mankind? The Koozie...just kidding. The Wheel, The Spring, The Condom, or the nail & hammer. Rolling papers are nice, too.