Mary Tutwiler

Acadiana dining guide due out Wednesday

by Mary Tutwiler

As the season swings into fall, lots of new items show up on restaurant menus. Oysters are back after beds were closed following Hurricane Ike, Sweet potatoes, pecans, persimmons and satsumas are on sale at farmers markets and making their debut on local menus. Comfort food, from braised duck to green gumbo is appearing as specials, supplying welcome fuel for chilly evenings. The change in the season is marked on our calendar by the Independent’s Fall Edition of our Restaurant Guide. In a new format this year, we’ve picked our 10 Top Restaurants in Acadiana, (it wasn’t easy) and created a listing of 101 Dining Destinations (we believe in a little lagniappe). Look for the online edition tomorrow evening, or pick up the paper Wednesday. If you’re headed to New Orleans anytime soon, the Times-Picayune’s Fall Dining Guide came out this weekend. Take a look at TP restaurant reviewer Brett Anderson’s recommendations for the best places to eat in New Orleans.