R. Reese Fuller

Obama vs. Huey

by R. Reese Fuller

When Sen. John McCain first re-introduced us to Joe The Plumber during the final presidential debate, he also reminded us of Sen. Barack Obama's remarks that his tax plan would "spread the wealth around." McCain seized the opportunity to proclaim Obama's plan would punish the successful and has gone so far as to brand Obama as a socialist.

It's been nearly 70 years since we've heard much about sharing the wealth, a rallying cry which emanated from here in Louisiana from Gov. Huey P. Long and his idea for the Share Our Wealth Society. But despite the phrase's resurgence, The Times-Picayune declares: "Obama is no Huey Long."

Politicians just don't get any hotter than Long or any cooler than Obama. Long may be white and Obama black, but in their public persona, Obama is Perry Como to Long's James Brown.