Mary Tutwiler

Mixing it up at The Office

by Mary Tutwiler

It’s late. You get a phone call from home. “Where are you?” You roll your eyes at the ceiling and fib, “I’m at the office.” Well, fib no more. The latest bar to open downtown on Jefferson Street will keep you in the good graces of whomever is looking for you, at least till you get home stinking of cigarette smoke and whiskey.

The Office, in the old 307 Jazz Club, launched its soft opening over the weekend. The entire interior of the building has been remodeled. Most of the interior walls, which made making it into the back room for music a squeeze, have come down. The front bar has been moved to the center of the enlarged space and there are banquets for lounging around the perimeter of the room. There’s two stages for bands, and a back bar to keep the beer flowing when it gets crowded up front. The Office opens today at 4 p.m., just about the time you're getting off work, with music by The Piano Man.