Letters to the Editor


I'm writing in response to Jeremy Alford's obvious politically biased attack on Congressman Boustany ("Passing the Buck," Jan. 4). Alford's writing is typical liberal dribble, in that it's full of half-truths, unfounded accusations and hyperbole. First, Tom Delay has been indicted by a politically motivated partisan DA, who had to go through four grand juries before he could get an indictment. More importantly, Delay has been indicted but not convicted. I assume he's innocent until proven guilty.

Having said that, I challenge your paper and Mr. Alford to do honest due diligence/investigative reporting and provide your readers the facts as opposed to using the Democratic talking points. I also challenge Mr. Alford to review Democrats who have similar if not identical political action committees. In fact, if you check the records of minority leader Nancy Pelosi you will find she has been admonished by the congressional ethics committee for breaking the rules regarding campaign funds and her PAC.

Why don't you make an effort to be fair and provide both sides of a story rather than the obvious partisan Democratic liberal view? Additionally why not check and see what out-of-state funding comes to Democratic office holders?

The difference between most conservatives and liberals is that we are proud of our ideological view and willing to admit our bias.