R. Reese Fuller

Louisiana turning blue?

by R. Reese Fuller

In a poll conducted by Southeastern Louisiana University and reported on Tuesday by The Times-Picayune, Republican Sen. John McCain held a lead over Democratic Sen. Barack Obama in the race for president in Louisiana - 50.6 percent to 38.3 percent, with an error margin of 4.46 percentage points. Throughout the campaign in Louisiana, McCain has maintained an edge over Obama.

But a new poll by pollster Ed Renwick shows the presidential race tightening here in Louisiana. WWL-TV reports:
In the telephone survey of 500 registered voters, conducted by pollster Ed Renwick, Republican Senator John McCain earns 43 percent of the vote, while Democrat Senator Barack Obama receives 40 percent. Renwick said that amounts to a statistical tie, since the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 points.
Renwick estimates voter turnout for his election at around 70 percent, much higher than 46 percent who showed up to vote in Louisiana's last governor's election.