Dege Legg

How Lafayette votes

by Dege Legg

The election results are in and this is how registered voters in Lafayette Parish voted in the Presidential Election.
119 of 119 precincts reporting

62,055 votes = 64.88% Republican Party (John McCain, Sarah Palin)
32,145 votes =  33.61% Democratic Party (Barack Obama, Joe Biden)
598 votes  = .63% Louisiana Taxpayers Party (Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, Jr.)
388 votes = .41% Green Party (Cynthia McKinney,Rosa Clemente)
301 votes = .31% Independent (Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez)
125 votes = .13% Constitution Party (Chuck Baldwin, Darrell Castle)
21 votes = .02% Socialist Workers Party (James Harris, Alyson Kennedy)
5 votes = .01% Socialism and Liberation (Gloria La Riva, Eugene Puryear)
4 votes = .00% Prohibition  (Gene Amondson, Leroy Pletten)

Interesting insights

1. Ron Paul finishes third in Lafayette Parish.
2. Socialism seems to be slighly more popular in Lafayette Parish than not drinking alcohol.
3. Who knew there was an actual Prohibition Party...or a Socialist Workers Party for that matter?

Results can be found at the Louisiana Secretary of State.