Nathan Stubbs

GOP looking to Jindal

by Nathan Stubbs

There’s no shortage of stories this week about the national Republican Party’s soul searching in the wake of Tuesday’s election losses. The inevitable question is, who will head the party’s ticket in 2012? One emerging figure on the party’s national stage is Louisiana’s young policy wonk Governor, Bobby Jindal. Today’s Times Picayune features a prominent story on Jindal's rising star and Fox News recently posed this headline question: "Is Governor Bobby Jindal the man to rebuild the GOP?" Fueling speculation is the fact that Jindal has been campaigning with other GOP candidates across the country this year and plans to be in Iowa - the first primary caucus state - to deliver a speech before the Iowa Family Policy Center later this month.

For his part, Jindal continues to downplay any speculation of a 2012 presidential bid. In an interview with WDSU, he says he intends to stay put. “I do plan on running for a second term,” Jindal says. “I have no intention of running for other offices.