Mary Tutwiler

LaTrac makes its debut

by Mary Tutwiler

The governor’s office has a new Web site documenting details of the state’s budget for anyone who wants to take a look at how taxpayer monies are being spent. Called Louisiana Transparency and Accountability or LaTrac, the Web site will allow users to track state salaries and expenditures and help identify budgetary waste and abuse. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the site came into being as part of his campaign promise to clean up state spending. “I have advocated for transparent government, as I believe that the bright light of transparency and public access should extend to every corner of the state budget. An honest government has nothing to fear from openness, and I hope you will use this site to ensure that your government is working for you, the people, and not special interests.” The site will be updated monthly and will continue to expand as more data is built into the Web site.