R. Reese Fuller

Feufollet on NPR

by R. Reese Fuller

Today at 4:50 p.m., National Public Radio's All Things Considered is scheduled to air an 8-minute piece about Feufollet.
This young band from Lafayette are blazing a hot trail through Cajun music, respecting old traditions but adding their own style, too - including occasional horns and rock-inspired studio magic. We listen in as they get together with like-minded friends for their regular French night, where they speak French, eat crawfish etouffee, and have a rollicking jam session.

There's a chance that the story could be bumped to a later day, but at 3 p.m., NPR will post a confirmed list of stories for today's broadcast. The audio of today's program should be available at 6 p.m.

Update: Listen to the segment.