Letters to the Editor

To censure or not to censure

I read your article on the political fund-raiser for Joey Durel given by Glenn Armentor (“Fight For Your Right to Party,” Nov. 19). I was surprised to see my name listed as a Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee member who has come out in opposition to the party. I was also surprised to read in the same sentence that some committee members were finalizing plans for a special censure meeting to take up censuring Armentor. I wish you had spoken to me before publishing your article.

If you had spoken to me, I would have told you that I have not taken a public position on this matter. I did send a series of e-mails to some committee members in which I wrote that I agreed with the sentiments about having a problem with the party. I did not agree with sentiments about censure or removal. I wrote that, after careful thought, I believed the committee should not consider censure or removal because two years ago the committee failed to adopt a clear rule prohibiting this type of fund raising. My position is that we cannot now censure or remove a member for conduct we did not specifically prohibit two years ago. I have said that we should now adopt a rule that clearly spells out the committee’s position. The committee will consider this matter at its next meeting.

I have always felt that this is a private matter that should be handled privately to respect the views of each member until we meet publicly to discuss this matter. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. I believe it is important to listen to the views of the different committee members because I believe in building a consensus. I am hopeful our committee will continue to function in that manner.