Mary Tutwiler

Marinello trial begins today

by Mary Tutwiler

Vince Marinello had a habit of making check lists as part of his note gathering for his radio talk show. That’s what his mother-in-law told the Times-Picayune yesterday.

“It was one of his habits to make check-off lists,” said Bertha Norman. “He made checklists all the time.”

And it is another check list, this time an alleged murder to-do list, that is bound to be the highlight of the trial which is gaining national attention, opening in Lafayette at the Federal Courthouse this morning. Marinello, a familiar New Orleans TV sportscaster and radio talk show host stands accused of murdering his wife, Liz Marinello, by shooting her in the face two years ago, in Old Metairie. The trial was moved to Lafayette when defense attorneys claimed they could not get an impartial jury, due to the sensational nature of the alleged crime and the circus-like publicity surrounding it. Jury selection began at 8:30 this morning. To read the bizarre story of the events leading up to the murder, pick up a copy of this week’s Independent, or click here.