Letters to the Editor


LSU students and alumni are some of the most arrogant people I have ever encountered. A group of LSU students had the audacity to mock UL and other schools during a church retreat that I attended a few years ago! Mr. Don Antie ' both Jr. and Sr. ' put that arrogance on display in their woefully ignorant letters (May 24).

Does UL have entrance requirements? Yes. Does UL have intentions of having any? Yes, these are not new requirements invented yesterday. Does UL have a research school worth mentioning? Yes. Does UL bring tourism dollars to the state? Yes, by supporting our local culture. Is UL simply a "good" school for students who aren't good enough for LSU? Only in the dreams of LSU's arrogant supporters who wish UL was nothing more than a small regional school.

If you think UL is just the Southwestern of old, get the facts. Go to the university's Web site at www.louisiana.edu and read up. Get a copy of the current issue of La Louisiane ' the one with the beautiful map of the campus on the cover ' and read about the growth that's taking place at UL.

And if you think that LSU is still the flagship institution of the state, wake up and smell the cayenne. Kudos to the Blancos and other officials who support UL rather than sacrificing it on the LSU altar.