R. Reese Fuller

3 LSU timeouts still up for grabs

by R. Reese Fuller

If you're still sore about LSU's lose to Arkansas this past weekend, rest assured that you're not the only one. In this post on craigslist, an LSU fan in Baton Rouge is offering up 3 unused LSU timeouts - for free! Here are some highlights from the offer:
3 LSU Timeouts - Unused - Free (Les Miles' Pocket)

I have 3 perfectly good, new in box, never used 2nd half LSU football timeouts for sale. These timeouts are leftover from the 2008 LSU/Arkansas game.

Most coaches use these timeouts to regroup their defense. They could also be used to help their offense try to gain 25 yards to avoid a 63 yard field goal attempt into the wind (I think it was uphill too). Not our coach though, he'd rather put the leading scorer in LSU football history in a position to fail. In the words of Dan Fouts - "A 63 yard field goal into a swirling, gusting wind? Good luck Colt David!"

Be the envy of the holiday shopping season. Tired of your wife dragging you from store to store? "Timeout - tired husband". Confused about the decision between that new plasma and lcd flat screen TV? Take a timeout, regroup, think about it.

These timeouts can be used for any reason or no good reason at all. Go ahead and use them - last I checked THEY ARE FREE! ...