Letters to the Editor


On Friday, June 10, 2005, I was involved in a hit and run accident on Ambassador Caffery Parkway at the Vermilion River. I would like to thank Nick and Marie Rhodes and James Young for stopping and trying to help. If the Lafayette City Police would be as concerned as these great citizens, Lafayette would be a much better place.

Officer Phillip Firmin, who investigated the accident, didn't so much as pay a visit to the accident scene. I went back later that evening and retrieved a large portion of the bumper of the hit and run vehicle. The vehicle is a white Suburban, Tahoe or Yukon, fairly new, with special interest plates with the numbers 278, and damage to the rear driver's side and rear bumper. The vehicle was driven by a blonde woman (according to witness statements) who lost control and crossed the center line, almost hitting me head on.

Having faith in the police, I thought I would hear from them later that evening. I was told by officer Firmin that the hit and run officer would have the report on Monday, and he would start investigating. By Monday, June 13, having heard nothing, I called the police to see what was happening with my case. Officer John Leblanc of the hit and run office informed me that he was too busy to investigate my case, saying he was backed up from last week and that he had no idea when he could get to it! I told him I was hit by an out of control vehicle and would like to find the driver. His reply was "You and 100 other people!"

I have not heard one word from the Lafayette City Police, and my vehicle has over $5,000 worth of damage. My insurance company will have to cover my damages, less my deductible, plus seven to 10 days in a rental car.

I would like to thank Mr. Earl "Nicky' Picard, Tim Picard, Brian Pope and Sally Spears from the Lafayette City Marshal's office who went out of their way to try to track this vehicle down. It is nice to know that these fine folks tried to help.

If anyone has information that can help in this case, please contact the Lafayette City Marshal's office, as I'm sure the city police will be too busy to take your call.

To the blonde woman who was driving the hit and run vehicle, I hope you can live with yourself.