Dege Legg

Proliferation of jams

by Dege Legg

You don’t have to be Dave Mathews or one of the guys in Phish...

You don’t have to be Dave Mathews or one of the guys in Phish to get your "jam on." In addition to the Wednesday night Cajun jam at the Blue Moon Saloon and the Saturday morning Coffee Break jam in Breaux Bridge, there’s been a sudden influx or convergence of “jamminess” happening around Acadiana as of late. From the dusty headed blues hounds at Bob’s Pub and Deans on the River to the long standing Cajun stalwarts at Marc Savoy’s music center in Eunice, musicians young and old are gathering to exchange ideas, songs, stories, and whatnots.

Two of the newest jams to surface are the Celtic Jam with Farouche at Artmosphere on Wednesday nights (for some reason, Wednesday seems to be the preferred night for jamming) and the fiddle-oriented jam at Tom’s Fiddle and Bow in Arnaudville on Sundays.

If that’s not enough jamming for you, you can jump on the chance to mix it up with accordionist, Kyle Huval, this Saturday, Dec. 13, during ArtWalk for a one-off jam at the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Lafayette Public Jam Sessions:

Celtic Jam at Artmosphere: Wednesday nights, 7:00 p.m. [email protected]

Tom’s Fiddle & Bow Jam in Arnaudville: Sundays, 1-3:00 p.m., 754-5528.

Jam des Amis at Acadiana Center for the Arts: Dec. 13. 234-8360 or [email protected]

Bob’s Pub Blues Jam:  Wednesday nights, 104 Republic in Lafayette, 984-9540.

Blue's Jam Box w/ Blues Man Williams at The Art Café: Friday nights, 739-4097.

Cajun Jam at Savoy Music Center in Eunice: Saturday s, 9:00 a.m. 457-9563.

*As with most jams, these are all open to the public, free, and to players of all skill levels. Jam at your own risk.