Mary Tutwiler

Street vendors banned in St. Martinville?

by Mary Tutwiler

The Grinch lives in St. Martinville. The green party-pooper notorious for trying to shut down Christmas joy pointed his knobby chartreuse finger at a group of street vendors selling their wares during the town’s annual Christmas parade. Actually overcome by Grinchdom were two Main Street businesses, Subway and Le Petit Paris Café, which claim that the street vendors were siphoning off their business and swamping their rest rooms, according to the Teche News. Vendors pay $200 for a parade permit, which goes toward security for the event. Evidently the St. Martinville City Council is in accordance with the Main Street merchants and will take up the issue at its next meeting. And where will parade goers find cotton candy, peanuts and candy apples? We’d venture to guess Breaux Bridge, New Iberia, Lafayette or anywhere that Christmas joy is a little bit more of an equal opportunity employer.