Letters to the Editor


I am writing to say how utterly disgusted I was to see the July 12 "Snake Oil" cartoon in your paper. It was as if the cartoonist decided to take out three historic civil rights figures while deriding Chris Williams.

Of particular disgust was saying that after refusing to give up her seat on the bus in 1955, Rosa Parks wrote "colored folks rule, crackers drool" across a seat with a laundry marker. Rosa Parks in her entire public life has been nothing but a dignified presence on the national and international stage. Furthermore suggesting that Dr. King wrote his "'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' using a red sharpie marker on three consecutive lunch trays" is equally denigrating when you consider the import of these brave and honorable people's sacrifice.

I know about editorial irony, a biting sarcastic wit and humorous satire. But people of The Independent Weekly, this ain't it! Instead of sounding and reading like Garry Trudeau, this piece of drivel came off more like a bad cartoon piece on Matt Stone and Trey Parker's South Park.

To paraphrase a recently departed national political figure: I know Doonesbury. I have read Doonesbury. Doonesbury is humorous and insightful. Independent: that cartoon was no Doonesbury!