Letters to the Editor


I am so glad that this weekly is really living up to its name ' independent. It is gratifying to see you take on tough issues and not shy away because of powerful interests or the fact that the topic is highly controversial ("Indiscretions: The Independent Weekly Sues Ray Authement's Office," July 5).

As far as I know, The Independent Weekly was the first to bring up the story of the horse farm land swap. Because this story hit the streets, enough interest was created to halt this sham of a deal for UL Lafayette. Thank you for that.

It seems that in these times, people will push the envelope as far as they can if no one is bold enough to call them on it. Where's the sense of honor, integrity, doing what is right and just what we all grew up learning from out parents, schools and religious leaders?

I commend this paper for following up its request for the release of the recent appraisal of the Girard Park property. The law regarding public records should be enforced. The public interest demands it.