R. Reese Fuller

UL announces budget cuts

by R. Reese Fuller

UL Lafayette is facing a state-mandated budget cut of $4.3 million, and yesterday the university announced where those cuts would be made. University officials also indicated that this is the first in more cuts to come, in light of the state's projected $2 billion shortfall. UL Lafayette President Dr. Joseph Savoie says, "In making budget adjustments, the top priority is to protect the university's core mission of academics and academic services that benefit students."
The largest reduction in budgeted expenditures will be in deferred maintenance and major repairs - $3.2 million.

The university is also reducing funding to information technology initiatives and various outreach services, such as economic development initiatives. Among the centers affected are the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise and the Picard Center for Child Development. University funds to those centers will be reduced by 4.62 percent of their entire state general funds appropriation. Also being cut by 4.62 percent is university support for athletics.

Travel is being reduced by $200,000, while supplies will be trimmed by $100,000.

Collectively, these actions will reduce the university's current year expenditures by the targeted $4,320,845, or 4.62 percent.