Dege Legg

Nu Moon Revue Saturday, Jan. 10

by Dege Legg

The Nu Moon Review is back for a second installment, showcasing local singer-songwriters, upcoming wordsmiths, and multi-talented anti-heroes. Hosted by Lady Fig Caroline Helm, it’s more than just a show-boating showcase; it’s a freaking throwback to the variety shows of yesteryear with live commercial plugs, kooky dancers, and maybe even talking puppets and hula-hoops — all touting the merits of the shows sponsors (Rok Haus, Pack & Paddle, Vince Nicholson, Cite Des Arts, and Edible Arrangements). Point Blank, it’s going to be event reminiscent of the moral rectitude and ethical certainty of a bygone era when men died with their boots on, women wore feathers, and wars were like black and white movies where good men died and Hitler got his ass kicked, again, and again! Like the last show, the featured artists will be backed by a well-heeled group of Lafayette all-star musicians. This show includes performances by Sarah Gray, Gina Forsyth, John Micheal Oliver, Blake Castille, Phil Kaelin, Danny Kimbal, Kristi Guillory, and last but not least Tom “The Kruegenator” Krueger. Yes! The magic happens on Jan. 10 at the Blue Moon Saloon.