R. Reese Fuller

Blanco takes on Bush over Katrina

by R. Reese Fuller

President George W. Bush gave his final press conference yesterday, and the media was quick to challenge his assertions about his own record. The Associated Press reported "FACT CHECK: In final word, Bush gilds his record:"
BUSH: Asked about the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, Bush said, "You know, people said, well, the federal response was slow. Don't tell me the federal response was slow when there was 30,000 people pulled off roofs right after the storm passed... That's a pretty quick response."

THE FACTS: The president's defense is based on one very narrow measure in the 2005 storm's immediate aftermath. He ignored numerous other facets that depict a more sober picture.
On KATC TV-3 last night, Gov. Kathleen Blanco responded to the president's account of Hurricane Katrina. "It feels to me that he's trying to rewrite history," she said. Click on the image below to view the entire interview.