Letters to the Editor


A tremendous article on your selection for the 2006 persons of the year ("Persons of the Year: Danica Adams and Elizabeth 'EB' Brooks," Dec. 20, 2006).

I think these two ladies, Adams and Brooks, along with UL Professor Griff Blakewood, deserve every bit of credit for keeping the horse farm preserved to date and stopping a bad deal for our university. I also believe that without The Independent Weekly's very public presence, this issue, almost assuredly, would have been run roughshod over. We now have the overwhelming support of the community, and with City-Parish President Joey Durel's continuing commitment to this effort we can make the horse farm the Central Park of Lafayette.

I urge the public to help these young ladies make this initiative a success. We can make this a win/win for our university and our community.

We will have avoided additional thousands of cars per day trying to pour onto an already overcrowded Johnston Street and into neighboring subdivisions. We will have created an equine center for our city police horses with daily police presence, along with walking and biking paths throughout 100 acres of beautiful, preserved green space. These are just some of the benefits of the legacy that we will be leaving to Lafayette and our heirs. This is what great communities do.