Letters to the Editor


In regards to the Independence Bowl controversy (“Who’s to blame for UL’s bowl snub?” Dec. 17, 2008) you mentioned that Louisiana Tech didn’t want to play UL Lafayette in this year’s Independence Bowl for fear of “likely getting beat.” With all due respect there was nothing that transpired during this past season for either team that indicated that UL Lafayette was a superior team to Louisiana Tech. In fact, had the two teams been matched up, the Bulldogs would’ve been favored by Las Vegas oddsmakers.

I also realize that while much of your article was in jest, it did appear to me that you, as well as the rest of the Lafayette media, believe there was a conspiracy against inviting the Cajuns to the bowl. Perhaps you’re right, but you could’ve included the city of Shreveport while you were at it since this could’ve been their way of retaliating against the city of Lafayette over last summer’s Top 28 basketball decision. After all, if that’s the angle you’re going to take, then run all the way with it.

Since this was the first article written by you that I’ve ever read, I must say that you fit right in with the rest of the media that covers UL Lafayette athletics. In other words: “We’re not as good as we think we are, and everyone is out to get us.” Congrats.