Letters to the Editor

Open Letter To The Advertiser

I waited anxiously for the Sunday edition of The Daily Advertiser to come as we were supposed to get a paper with more than one section. That happened, in a fashion. The four sections amounted to nothing. A total of 28 pages and 17 of those just were junk, as if nothing was happening anywhere in the world. Four pages were of sports, six pages for advertising, two pages for the Accent section, three pages of obituaries, and one page of national and world news. There was no national or world news in the entire first section, and I had to wade through the rest to find this one page.

You must be really proud of your product, but I’m sure your subscribers are not. I’m going to try to publish this in The Independent (that you don’t own), so the rest of the area can see it.

I’ve been a subscriber for more than 40 years, and we used to have a decent newspaper until it was taken over by Gannett. It’s been downhill on quality ever since then. You blaming the changes on a bad economy is bunk, and you can see the opinion of advertisers by the lack of them in your paper. We can get more news of interest out of the Baton Rouge paper.

I, for one, am not going to pay your prices for this rag anymore.