Leslie Turk

Cajundome lays off six

by Leslie Turk

The Advocate reported today that the Cajundome has cut its budget by 20 percent, laying off six employees. More cuts are coming.

The Cajundome has downsized its operations by $1 million as a result of a bad economy and rising insurance and food costs. On Monday, six full-time employees were laid off and more cuts will be made to utility, travel and supplies expenses, Cajundome Director Greg Davis said. “We’ve had a number of things occur outside of the building that is affecting our financial position at the Cajundome,” Davis said. “It’s almost like a perfect storm of financial circumstances.” Those circumstances include a recent increase in the building’s property insurance premium by $200,000 a year and a judge’s order this summer that the arena start paying sales tax has also contributed to the need for the cuts, Davis said. The cuts equate to a 20 percent reduction in the arena’s $5 million budget.