Nathan Stubbs

Ann Coulter hangs up on Jim Engster

by Nathan Stubbs

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter - known for her incessant self-righteous bloviating and controversial assaults on 9-11 widows, The New York Times and most recently, single mothers - has a new person on her blacklist: Baton Rouge political radio talk show host Jim Engster. Congratulations, Jim. Coulter, who’s promoting her latest manifesto, titled Guilty, called in for an interview on Engster’s show yesterday and began to refer to President-elect Barack Obama as a 14-year-old. When Engster corrected her, saying that Obama is actually 47 years old - the same age as Coulter - Coulter replied she was using “hyperbole.” After Engster said it sounded more like an outright lie to him, Coulter told him to get a dictionary and promptly hung up the phone. Yesterday, Engster told Baton Rouge's Daily Report, “I tried to be respectful. She did say I needed to read a Webster’s before the next interview, so maybe she’ll be back on again.” Let’s hope not. Click here for a link to yesterday’s show.