Leslie Turk

Advertiser wins 'Biggest Loser' award

by Leslie Turk

Not too many of us can say we're already our thinnest, given that we're not even through the first month of the New Year. But The Daily Advertiser's strict new diet of dwindling content has earned it the dubious honor of one of the lightest in parent company Gannett's 102 dailies in the U.S. and U.K. People in communities with Gannett-owned newspapers across the country have been weighing in on the weightlessness of their paper.
"Mondays and Tuesdays for the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, Louisiana, are 16 pages," one blogger wrote on Gannett Blog, which is run by a former Gannett editor. (The single-section paper is actually 18 pages today.)

Right after the anonymous posting about Lafayette, another blogger had this to say: "I was talking with a friend at church and she said, 'What's happening with the paper? Is it drying up or what?' ... I assumed she had read about the unpaid furloughs and started talking about that. No, she missed the story online about the furloughs but was coming to this conclusion just from the light weight of the papers lately."

Read more about The Daily Advertiser's troubles in this week's issue of The Independent Weekly, out on newsstands Wednesday.