Jeremy Alford

Where the donkeys blog

by Jeremy Alford

If you’re a feisty Dem looking for intellectual hand grenades to throw at your GOP coworker, or if you’re a Republican in need of Democratic intel and Watergate isn’t your style, then Blue Notes could be a potential solution. It’s the new blog administered by the Louisiana Democratic Party.

While you can expect the standard party line, the content is evolving. There was recently a smackdown of FEMA posted, a poke at a well-known Louisiana publisher and a few lines on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “shell game.” The party’s communications director, Scott Jordan, an Independent Weekly expat, is chiefly the guy behind the keyboard.

Other regular features include highlights of media coverage of Democratic officials and candidates nationwide, as well as a growing offering of video and audio files. While Blue Notes has its own WordPress page, you can also find it positioned on the left-hand column of its main page at There was at least one new post from Thursday as of this morning.

The Louisiana Republican Party has its own blog,  which primarily recaps the day’s news. It was last updated on Jan. 16. But more impressively, the state GOP has constructed its own social networking site, Members can create their own profiles, start their own blogs and comment on others' blogs. So far, the site has 280 members. The blogging really hasn’t kicked in yet, but it has the potential to become a great resource if it ever does.