Letters to the Editor


We read Nathan Stubbs' breezy journalistic work product on State Rep. Joel Robideaux's efforts for the LUS proposal ("Political Gambit," March 29).

We think this simple insight into jurisprudence is relevant to this pressing matter. After all, the LUS proposal is the authentic and genuine engine of internal wealth generation for our Lafayette city of knowledge. It will supply an additional layer of multi-billion dollar wealth in our global knowledge market economic system. The town fathers of Vienna, Austria, recently followed our example and model.

Which collection of fools is holding up this obvious business proposal? Here insight into the defect of our legal American tradition affords the answer. Our legal tradition is based on the "Commentaries" of Blackstone. This 18th century Oxonian scholar deduced the science of law from ancient Roman jurisprudence, its rules and principles, and the mystery of law from the "finger of nature" of English common law. Regretfully, both systems are defective in commercial law. Deceit, black markets, treachery, promise-breaking, idle falsehoods and simple cheating did not advance rational nor divine legal truths.

The present commercial legal debates among the cable industry, telephone companies, television companies, Internet companies and wireless companies invite confusion in the brain of the jurists. What did the ancient Roman jurist do? He wisely gave free play to municipal local law. Why? Unjust prejudice in law is better than no law. There is no fairness and practicality to be found in nasty, dirty commercial conflicts.

When the people are hungry, they become mean. We are entering into the vicious cycle of our splendid economic structure of capitalism due to our $40 trillion debt of this nation and its citizens. We might want to get this open, simple and actionable proposal started, so a large portion of our people do not starve to death.

Inform your local judge to feed up the judicial food chain for this matter to be settled by throwing it completely out of court and letting the town fathers and citizens do what they intelligently envisioned doing in the first place!