Mary Tutwiler

The Big Dig: searching for treasure at Cypremort Point

by Mary Tutwiler

The Boston Tunnel it ain’t. Louisiana’s own version of a quixotic excavation has more to do with otherworldly voices, pirate treasure and blind faith than it does with mass transportation. But as far as quagmires go, it sounds like the two digs are mud brothers.

According to the Daily Iberian, New Iberia resident Mike Hulin was on a 10 day fast in search of God when ghostly voices told him pirate treasure was buried beneath his mother’s camp on Poverty Row at Cypremort Point.

“I got a very powerful vision,” Hulin told the Daily Iberian. “I saw a pirate’s grave, a captain and his sword and a beaded bag of various types of treasure.”

It’s been 17 years since his vision. After trying to tackle the dig on his own with a shovel, he has managed to enlist backers who have helped him hire contractors with heavy equipment. To date, the operation using excavators and cranes has dug down 41 feet into the sludgy, waterlogged mud at The Point. Undeterred by cave-ins, Hulin, guided by his inner eye, is certain he will find two boxes that weigh 3,000 pounds.

Over the course of the dig, excavator operators have scraped against something solid several times, but each time they get close to grabbing whatever it is, the walls cave in or the object sinks deeper into the mud. Hulin is undaunted, and his faith is contagious. Even some of the hard core machine operators are beginning to believe he is guided by a ghostly hand.

Crane operator Mike Woodward was skeptical at first. “When the guys out here told me, I thought there was no way this was true,” Woodard told the Daily Iberian. “But from listening to him (Hulin) talk and watching these things happen right after he says it’s going to happen, you can’t do anything but believe.”

Hulin is certain he is close. “We have all the obstacles out of the way,” Hulin told the Daily Iberian yesterday. “We can make this happen at anytime.”

We’ll keep you posted.