Dege Legg

Dash Rip Rock in town tonight

by Dege Legg

Long before the current crop of post-alternative root rockers suddenly discovered Hank Williams Sr., pre-war blues, and the like, Bill Davis and his band Dash Rip Rock were steadfastly shucking 3 minute gems from the ancient yet stately storage bin of American song. And doing it in their own high-octane kind of way…with huevos, a sense of humor, and a carnivalesque appreciation of all things “southern.” Formed in the year of our lord – 1984 – in Baton Rouge, DRR laid waste to the college bar circuit, playing legendary shows at numerous venues across the south-eastern U.S. Sometimes lumped in with other 80’s American roots acts like Rank & File, The Red Rockers, and Jason & the Scorchers, however Dash had their own take—never taking themselves too seriously—which decades on down the line, has somehow magically kept them in the good graces of the collective subconscious. Their latest CD, Country Girlfriend, keeps the bon fire burning with a mess of chicken-fried twang heaped on a paper plate of rock & roll. Dash Rip Rock play Artmosphere tonight, Jan. 23.

Playing Favorites with Bill Davis of Dash Rip Rock
1. White or dark meat? Talking about chicken. Why? I grew up fighting for the leg - dark is moister and more flavorful. Chicken is the baddest bird going. Louisiana was founded on chicken.

2. Most necessary item to bring on tour? Books, Ipods, and SiriusXM in the van - that’s crucial. We fight over EmergenC and Airborne like it was cocaine.

3. Least favorite album ever? Why? Probably a Celine Dion or John Tesh record.

4. Fastest way to clear a room, musically? Get drunk and forget how to play your instrument or invite someone out of the audience to play your instrument so you can go pee.

5 Worst gig ever? Where? Why? Years ago we played Black Mountain, NC. The club owner hated us so much he went outside to smoke a joint and locked us in the club. When we were done we had to beat on the door to get him to let us out.

6. Favorite icon who isn’t a musician? I have a deep love and respect for Lester Bangs. We need another one of him around today.