Letters to the Editor


I was so impressed by your article about Gannett (“Chain Reaction,” Jan. 21). As always, Leslie Turk’s writing covers all sides of the story. I always enjoy reading her articles. This current one was chock full of detailed info about Gannett and the coming plight all newspapers are facing in this Internet age. The opening paragraph concerning why the Lafayette City-Parish Council could not meet because the meeting notice was never run in the paper was really surprising. It certainly grabbed me.

We still subscribe to the Daily World here in Opelousas. Through some kind of subscription special we also receive The Advertiser on Saturday. The Daily World isn’t a true daily, as there’s no edition on Saturday. I’m sad for The Advertiser’s situation, but our little paper’s plight is even worse. The lone Daily World reporter, William Johnson, and our wonderful, award-winning longtime photographer, Freddie Herpin, are doing a bang-up job. I’m amazed at the articles that William is managing to produce.

In 1979 when we first moved back here from Gaithersburg, Md., where we lived for about five years, I was surprised at the look of The Advertiser. The front of some sections were mostly full-page ads — not news. Guess that’s why it’s called The Daily Advertiser.

I’m grateful I grew up in a small town like Opelousas with such a good local paper. I’m sure the Daily World’s first owner, John Thistlethwaite, is twisting in his grave now over the sad state of affairs at his paper.

I’m one of those folks who does not like to read the local news online. I prefer to sit at my kitchen table with a real newspaper in my hands — yelling out to my husband, Bob, “Wait ’til you hear this!” Bob does occasionally go to the BBC’s Web site to get a different perspective on our national news. Where will we go for local new in the future? The local stories are what affect us directly.

Thanks for a good read, though it truly saddened me. I guess newspapers might become the buggy whip makers of this century. Pity.

One last comment. It’s hard to find The Independent in Opelousas these days. I assume with costs rising that you have to cut back on waste. But I sure would like to see a few more locations available so I can find a copy.