Leslie Turk

Teche News snags Bradshaw

by Leslie Turk

Jim Bradshaw, the former Daily Advertiser reporter and columnist unceremoniously forced into retirement by parent company Gannett, has landed on the front page of St. Martinville’s The Teche News, a weekly publication owned by the Moody family of Lafayette’s Louisiana State Newspapers. Bradshaw is continuing to write about the rich history of Acadiana in a column simply titled “Bradshaw.” His Jan. 21 column was headlined “Local judge put the ‘x’ on Cajun names.”

Ken Grissom, publisher and editor of The Teche News, says reader response has been positive. However, he says some readers were surprised that the small paper snagged the local talent, who has four decades of experience. “Bradshaw and I go back a long way,” says Grissom, explaining that the two met in the early 1970s when both worked at The Advertiser. “He’s had many offers and just won’t leave the area.”