Party Girl

Party Girl 01.28.2009

Allison Hebert and Carolyn Broussard

Ann Laurent and Mary Beth Tolson

Kim, Lindsay & Jimmy Mallia

Cathy Alba, Susan Strait and Gretchen Davis

Long before Johnny Depp’s swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow sailed The Black Pearl straight off the big screen and into our hearts, Les Brigands de Lafitte spawned its own brand of pirate-mania in the hearts of Acadiana maidens. For those who are counting, last Saturday marked the 55th annual bal masque for the krewe, a perennial Party Girl fave. As has become tradition, the ladies in waiting (those fortunate enough to have received a dance call-out card, anyway) once again lined up for hours before the doors opened and they were escorted by eager, elegantly-attired floor committeemen to their seats.

Why the clamor to be first in the door? Because those crafty pirates are too busy marauding to worry about tiny tokens of chivalry, like reserved tables. Those early to the party draw the best ringside seats but no worries: the ladies’ lineup has become an adventure of its own, starting earlier and earlier through the years. No damsels in distress here — they wouldn’t have it any other way. To supplement those who brought their own, Merilyn Crain provided a nicely-stocked wine bar and nibbles for the early set, complete with bartender, a mascot and even outdoor heater. Linda Alesi, Judy Kennedy and friends took a cue from a recent tailgating experience at The Sante Fe Opera and set up a nicely-appointed table, al fresco in the near-freezing temperatures. (Everyone secretly lusted for Judy’s new fur chapeau — not just ’cause it was cute but also because it looked so warm!) Tarena French had some new loot of her own: a custom-designed engagement ring set in platinum. She received it earlier that afternoon from her fiancé Ian Mellington. Ah, for the love of a pirate!

Party On! — PG

Hoist the colors!

Lacey LeBlanc, Donna Mellington and Tarena French

Neetzie David

Linda Alesi and Melanie McKenzie

Margaret Trahan arrives with the goodies

Merilyn Crain keeping warm at Brigands

The Lion King and Queen Jeanne Marie Blanchet