R. Reese Fuller

Santeria goes all hippie on us

by R. Reese Fuller

(NEPOTISM ALERT: Santeria frontman Dege Legg is employed by The Independent Weekly and sometimes works here.)

For being an open-air, back-porch venue in the Free Town neighborhood, the Blue Moon Saloon doesn't have too many problems with noise complaints, despite having live music around the clock. But then there's Santeria, who manage to summon the Lafayette Police Department to tell them to turn it down.

Tonight though at the Moon, Santeria does their MTV Unplugged schtick, sans the TV cameras or the Meat Puppets' Kirkwood brothers sitting in with them. Remember before Santeria was rolling in all that dirty Corporate Rock money and they couldn't afford all of those Marshall stacks and pyrotechnics and all they had were acoustic instruments and the only place they could play was in the corner of the Sidebar? Tonight's show is going to be a lot like that - but on your neighbor's back porch.

Check out Santeria tonight at the Blue Moon Saloon. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $3,000 each or $1,500 with two canned goods.