Mary Tutwiler

Louisiana congres mondial acadien launches virtual bid

by Mary Tutwiler

Tune in at 11 a.m. tomorrow, Feb. 4, to join in a global launch of Louisiana’s Congres mondial acadien’s bid to bring the 2014 Acadian reunion to Cajun country. The congres mondial acadien takes place every five years, bringing together the descendents of the Acadians of Nova Scotia, who were deported from their homes by the British in 1755. The first congres mondial acadien took place in 1994 in New Brunswick, Canada. It has subsequently been held in Louisiana in 1999, Nova Scotia in 2004, and this year will take place from August 7 through 23, 2009, on the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick. Louisiana is bidding against other Francophone locations to host the 2014 event. To take part in the virtual launch of the bid, you can watch on the big screen at LITE, or click here to watch from your computer. After the 11 a.m. launch, the bid will stay on line. For more information, call Rachelle Dugas, 422-4453, or email her at [email protected]