Letters to the Editor


Eight years ago I was sitting in the Lake Charles Civic Center taping the Lafayette High Symphonic band performance at the LMEA State Music Festival. After the performance a parent from another band leaned over and said, "These bands are really good!"

We are conditioned by TV to think that they cannot be that good. Thanks to Philip Gould and the April 6 issue of The Independent we were able to experience an important part of their trip to New York for their third performance at Carnegie Hall. Four years ago the LHS band created www.LHSBand.net to share information about its and other music progams in the community.

The initial rollout of the Web site included audio and video of marching and concert band performances. Since then we've added Winter Guard performances and around 2,000 pictures to the list. You will find performances by other schools including District Honor Bands as well as the Lafayette Concert Band combined with Lafayette High and Comeaux at the Heymann Center.

The high school directors are quick to point out that their success is due in large part to the dedication and hard work of the middle school band directors. We urge you to visit the Web site and see for yourself. If you forget where it is just search for Lafayette High Band. Then you will know that your donations in the form of raffle tickets, entertainment books, etc. to local music programs have a tangible impact on the education of our children and the way Acadiana is perceived locally and abroad.

Last year at the state music festival one of our Lafayette High parents leaned over and said, "These bands are really good!" Thanks for making it happen.