Letters to the Editor


It is unfortunate that Dirk Powell and Christine Balfa are being subjected to the ignorance of the group calling itself “Native Cajun Musicians for Free Speech” (“All for a Song,” Jan. 21 ). Anyone who viewed the video would have noted that it did not indicate it was supported by Louisiana Folk Roots. This group should remember the times when Cajuns were not allowed to speak French and the word “Cajun” was not seen in a positive light. How could they criticize Powell, Balfa and the other musicians who produced the video? It is very sad that Louisiana continues to be backwards and negative. This is one reason why we do not get the assistance we need from Republican and Democratic government officials.

It is a new day. People all over the United States want to join together and make peace. Native Cajun Musicians for Free Speech should get on the bandwagon. Free speech is free speech for everyone.

The video was excellent, and the people of Louisiana were portrayed in a positive light. The Native Cajun Musicians also had the right to develop their own video for whomever they wanted to in the political arena. Cajuns and Creoles are good people! Let’s agree to disagree respectfully. It’s America.