Letters to the Editor


It’s always heartbreaking to hear the news about a local, home-grown business closing. However, the news about the closing of Catahoula’s Restaurant on Pinhook reported in the Jan. 6 edition by Leslie Turk came as no surprise to me. I had at least four business clients and two family members call me to let me know that the restaurant was closed. Their reason for the call was not only to let me know that the restaurant was closed, but to tell me that the gift cards that I purchased for them as Christmas gifts were worthless. A call to Catahoula’s on Pinhook explains how “regretfully the restaurant has closed” and that “the gift cards purchased at this location are NOT being accepted at the Grand Coteau location.”

Are you kidding me? One would think that when the owners/business partners sat down to look at the numbers in December and decided that the business was no longer feasible, they would have cut off the sale of gift cards at that point. I went in on Dec. 23 to purchase the gift cards, and I was third in line to do so, which means I’m not the only one that wasted good, hard-earned money for this “collector’s item” (read: worthless) of a gift card. Calls to the Grand Coteau location in regards to a refund have gone unreturned. What a horrible way to do business.